What light fixtures over the windows for nursery?

What light fixtures over the windows for nursery?
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First, please forgive the paint in the included photos. I'm only one coat in.

I'm looking for suggestions for light fixtures that would not only look good in this room and fit the nursery theme (outdoors/Where the Wild Things Are), but can also be hung to hide the odd placement of the holes for wiring. We're at a loss and can't seem to find anything we like.

Previously, there were some terrible fluorescent electrical boxes above these windows, which were hidden behind some decorative wooden boxes. We hated them (it was all very dated) so it all came down. Now I'm left with these oddly placed, un-centered, not-even-consistent electrical wires that are controlled by the light switch. My last resort is to properly protect the wire ends, push them into the wall, and cap or putty the hole. I would love to find something that will work with the room, though. There are some white birch tree decals going up over the green paint, so we are going for an "outdoors" theme. Also, the windows are 27" wide, and the room is roughly 11-feet square.

We are in the United States. I'd love to keep it under $100 per fixture, but we'll be flexible if need be.




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