Trying to see if a good red theme is possible here

Trying to see if a good red theme is possible here
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We're trying to get a rug in the center, blankets and throw pillows for the couches, and table cloths for the tables. Are 2 main options for now are to go neutral (so grays and other colors that make the place look nice but not "pop") or red (we're thinking dark reds that make the place "pop" without looking ugly).

For an extra bit of context, there are red lights hanging above the wet bar that look really good at night, so if we manage to pull off the red theme (even in sunlight), the place will look awesome. The problem is that we're disagreeing on whether or not it's even possible to make the place look good with red. Personally, I think it's absolutely worth a shot, but I want help from you guys (is it possible? What would you recommend if it is? etc.)

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