Small Kitchen Needs Makeover

Small Kitchen Needs Makeover

Photo by: Kiana Bosman / Unsplash

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I posted this in r/interiordesign, which got pulled for violating their terms. They kindly directed me to this sub, which I did not know existed.

I need help on gathering ideas for this small kitchen. Suggestions on new paint for walls and cabinetry (wife is bored with it), a new lighting fixture above the kitchen table (wife hates it), a new table and chairs (my wife is not a fan), and everything in between is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to surprise my wife while she is at a conference for a week. Thank you in advance!

Notes: I realize the counters are cluttered. I got plenty of comments in r/interiordesign to declutter before the post got pulled. I will reorganize and stow away as much as possible and clean off the fridge. We have two kids under four. Once they are a bit older, we can jettison the baby stuff that probably takes up 10 to 20 percent of the storage in the kitchen currently. We are, obviously, low on storage. We cook all meals except for two or three a month. Time is limited, so everything is in arms reach. My four year old son likes to cook and bake. He wants to be a chef. This is how I currently justify the clutter. Thanks again for reading.

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