Please help my design my tiny rental studio apartment

Please help my design my tiny rental studio apartment
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What kind of theme and furniture should I go with? The apartment is only 25sqm so there's limited space for furniture, and the kitchen and wardrobe come with the apartment so I think it would be better to get things that go along well with them.

For starters, I think I want to get a double bed, a sofa, a table and some chairs (enough to invite ~6-7 people in), maybe a shelf to separate the bed and the living area. I'm planning on putting the bed to the top left corner, the shelf in front of it and a curtain to the right to make a small sleeping nest, but any suggestion to the layout is welcomed, as I'm very new to this. A TV is not necessary as I guess a projector + screen might be more space-saving (I might be way wrong). Also, I'd love to have something similar to this piece (Laptop stand) to be able to use my laptop while I'm sitting on the sofa.

After that, any furnishing (pictures, rugs, plants, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, etc) that makes the apartment welcoming would be great. Budget is around 1500~2000€. I'm living in Finland and aside from IKEA I don't really know where else to get stuff. As this is my first real apartment, any interior design advice would be awesome too!

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