Please help me with the layout of this living room.

Please help me with the layout of this living room.
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I have this living room that I find difficult to furnish because it has a wood stove and two entrances. One entrance is the front door entranceway, the second entrance leads to the kitchen.

Right now the wood stove is on the north wall between two windows, the TV is on the wall beside the front entrance.

My difficulty is, therefore there is no real ‘seating area’. We typically move kitchen chairs opposite the couch, to create a sitting circle, if we have guests, but those people end up getting roasted by the wood stove.

I would like to have a seating area, to read books, enjoy the fire and watch TV. I’d also prefer to not face the front door (and that mess of coats and shoes.)

All furniture is repositionable. I can buy new furniture, It would be possible to move the wood stove, it would take some money to relocate the stove pipe.

Can I have suggestions on how to refurnish this living room? You can even suggest colours! Right now the floor is 7” engineered hickory (natural colour) that we just put in, We would like to replace the dark panelling on the walls.

Plans done in Planner5D.

living Room

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