Out of ideas for my living room

Out of ideas for my living room
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I have an older house, the living room is where I spend most of my time but I can't find a way to arrange it.


First image is my usual layout, second is when I moved in, third is a generated floorplan.

Can find a good spot for a lamp (there's no ceiling light). Two outlets on each wall, and a shelf/bookcase along the wall to the kitchen so I can't move things against that wall. The TV kind of has to be in the right wall, the couch has to be in the middle or else you walk into it from the entry, leaving no room for a small table. And the three windows on the entry wall allow only end tables or chairs really.

Just looking for ideas to make it easier to move around and less congested but aesthetically pleasing.

Should note that I no longer have a lazboy. Other items I can move in there are a dresser, desk, guitars, kitchen table, end table, and drawer cabinet, and a pallet table. I also work at a garden center and can get plants and pots half off if I should use them in here.

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