Never been in love. Will you help me enhance my home?

Never been in love. Will you help me enhance my home?

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I will try to be as thorough as possible with information. I'm 26F living with 27M about 10 mins from the beach in Florida. I bought my home almost four years ago and have added things piece by piece. After slowly adding, I still don't love it. I also realized I hardly get compliments on the way I've decorated. What can I do to elevate?

Photos with measurements included

So I'll admit to you all, I'm a trash picker. The desk, bar stools, kitchen chairs, and blue end table are all from the trash and I'm fine with replacing them. I've thought about moving the bar over to the corner area in the dining area, but then what could fill the space where the bar is? Maybe it's too crowded in the living room? I used to have a blue end table on the other side of the couch and traded it for the circular side table which I like. I think after exploring this sub too late in moving in, I've realized a lot of my stuff is "heavy" and it would've been nice if I had bought a more transparent bar, coffee table, etc.

I'd prefer to keep my couch, coffee table, bar, and TV stand, but could potentially move something upstairs. We utilize the couch most frequently. I hardly ever eat in the kitchen and don't use the desk except to store a printer and drop mail on, and I never sit on the stools.

I was going for coastal/farmhouse, but like pretty much every "cozy post." My budget is pretty flexible because I can make changes as time goes on, so I'll say $1k currently, and if you have any more expensive suggestions I'm happy to hear them.

I really appreciate any help. I'm at a stand-still and have been looking forward to asking for everyone's advice here!

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