Need ideas for open concept layout

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Tried posting this in interior design and got directed here as I broke rule 2 by posting picture. However, I think this here is exactly what I wanted!

Ok so I’m under contract with this house, trying to get a concept of how to use the space. I sent a floor plan, although I’m really only asking about the upstairs open areas, not bedrooms. Just having a hard time imagining how to make it work/ where to place things, although the openness is exactly what I want. 1. I think I want to use the “dining room” (as it is labeled) as a reading area and eventually a kids play area 2. We have a table that can be expanded approximately 44”, 66”, 88”. I plan on placing that in the “eat in kitchen” area. 3. I have no plans of adding a wall anywhere. 4. We aren’t sure where we want to put the TV, but we do want to be able to use the TV upstairs. It’s a large widescreen. 5. We have very little furniture and are open to all ideas.

Thanks for all suggestions!

Here’s the Imgur link:

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