Need help finding a good two colour paint scheme for my room

Need help finding a good two colour paint scheme for my room
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I have a large L shape room with only one rather small window that doesn’t let a whole lot of natural light in. It’s a basement room and immediately outside the window is my garden which, while it looks very nice, does not help with letting in light. My walls are about 9’ high? I haven’t measured exactly but they’re not low. About half way up most of my walls there is a sort of 6” deep indent that then goes up to the ceiling that functions as shelving. I’m planning on having the walls be one colour and the indented parts be a different colour. Originally i was planning on using Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night for the most of the walls and Benjamin Moore Half Moon Crest for the indents. It feels a little too cold though, and my room can already be chilly enough.

I like natural colours and rustic vibes, and would like my room to be reminiscent of a cozy cave. I’m not afraid of a bit of colour as long as it doesn’t give me a headache, stuff that’s too flashy makes me anxious. Does anyone have any suggestions for a two colour paint scheme?

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