Need help designing these two oddly shaped rooms.

Need help designing these two oddly shaped rooms.
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(Note: when I checked the link it said it was mature content but it is not. Just pictures of the two rooms.)

Our immediate thoughts are to make the larger room a home theater/family room and possibly make the smaller room that connects an office/computer room. Open to good ideas though.

The bigger room is over my garage and runs perpendicular to the rest of my house. The smaller room connects the bigger room to the other half of our upstairs. There is a stairway on one end of the larger room that goes down to my kitchen/laundry room. My roof is pretty steep so the slanted ceiling in these rooms is similarly steep. Dimensions are on the drawing in the album.

The bar that is visible on one end of the room is plumbed for a sink but I don't think we want to keep that. I didn't finish demoing it with the rest of the room because of the plumbing/electricity running into the bar.

At one point we had discussed the possibility of adding a dormer to the larger room. Not sure how much more that would open that room up though.

The budget I have in mind is $10k. Probably going to hire most of the work out.

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