Moving into new home, wide open living room- help!

Moving into new home, wide open living room- help!
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Moving into a new home shortly and I have so much space in my living room as a single person I don't know what to do with it! Couches/sofa and TV placement ideas? No idea if a sectional would look best and where to put it or just love seats and a coffee table? Rugs and any furniture ideas that won't make it too cluttered? I like a combination of modern/minimalist/farmhouse.

It's a two story townhome so the ceiling over the room is wide open with a long hanging light fixture as well. I have a second room behind this photo by the front door with the same flooring but a smaller, circular shaped room and have no idea what to put in there either.

Edit: North America, not too expensive but I have some money to work with. Not looking to spend more than $500 on a sofa etc, willing to buy used higher end if in great condition.

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