Mirrored wardrobe and placement of a bed

Mirrored wardrobe and placement of a bed

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I am trying to decide which option would be better. I am planning to buy mirrored wardrobe as I am in need of more storage space and also feel I was missing one for a long time.

So here is the pic https://i.imgur.com/nDlbnbg.png trying to show you how my room looks like. In option 1 the only width of wardrobe that would fit in the space where I put wardrobe is the 120cm which is the option I like the least, but it seems the most reasonable. The option 2 and 3 are with a wardrobe that would be the width of a room which is about 290cm – either this or shorter wardrobe with size of about 180 – 200cm which would give space for drawer to it's left.

In option 2 there is a nice space between bed and wardrobe, however the bed would rest just by the window which is not recommended by few sites I done research with.

In option 3 there is a compromise where I leave space between both the wardrobe and the window, about 50cm from each side. I just wonder would it look nice? and would be comfortable to sleep in such bed?

I assume best option is to get rid of pc desk but it can't happen. Looking forward for your opionions!

Edit: also I can't fit bed where wardrobe is (about 10cm too wide) and where pc desk is as there is heating

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