Master bathroom remodel

Master bathroom remodel
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We'd like to redo our master bathroom, and are struggling a bit with the layout. We don't want to make major changes to the arrangement as our budget is about $20k total. The main goal is to gain shower space. Here are measurements and photos of the current space. I'm not super attached to having a tub, but not sure what else to do with the awkward corner window space.

And some renderings of some possible new layouts, both with and without a tub: With the tub we're looking at a 4.5' shower and 28" x 59" tub, with about 16" of space between shower and tub. Without it, the image shows a 5' shower and about 38" between shower and window.

I don't want a tub/shower combo, but I'm worried about clunkiness and tightness of space with either of these layouts. I don't want the space to look too DIY. I'd appreciate any advice you have.

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