Looking for tips on bedroom layout and lighting

Looking for tips on bedroom layout and lighting
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Hi all, I'll be moving soon into a new place and will be downsizing a bit. I've been having trouble deciding on a good layout for the space and was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on it.

Here is a link to a quick floorplan I've drawn up: https://imgur.com/a/ggMWcIY.

The door at the top left is to the hallway while the one on the top right is to a walk-in closet. Across from my bed I have a TV which I plan on wall-mounting. The bottom left of the space I've reserved for my desk which I think fits nicely into the nook.

One additional thing I need to consider is lighting as the room doesn't have a ceiling light.

What do you guys think of the layout so far? Do you have any tips? And how many lamps and lights will I need to brighten the place up?


edit: The main square of the room is 11' 7" x 11'

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