In a bit of a stopping point/don’t know where 2 go with my room,, sooo DesignMyRoom!

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Hi!! Firstly here's what my room currently looks like. I know, it's kind of a mess both in general and decorating-wise.

What I'm trying to 'go' for:

a sort of 'plant/art mom' tumblr aesthetic thing?? Idk if I'm explaining that right lmao I have a green/mostly yellow/bits of brown and white coloured pallete. overall just a cozy feeling.

Some things I like currently:

where my bed is! where the main fairy lights are, strung up around the ceiling my plants of course

Last I'd like to say I know the wall color could be lighter, but currently my mom is quite opposed to painting the walls (I'm 15 currently) but it might be possible to do an almost white beige color? I'm not sure. I'm also on a sort of tight budget, ~(as in >100$)~ but the vibe I am trying to go for means alot of things can be thrifted and I dont mind acquiring things over time.

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