How to make my living room look more intentional?

How to make my living room look more intentional?

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Hi friends! I posted a couple weeks ago but have some new furniture + plants now and I need ideas for how to arrange everything! Right now it's just kinda… everything we have is sitting there because that's just how it got placed when we moved in.

Here is the room: It's a rental in Phoenix, AZ for me (F22) and my boyfriend (M27) and our cat. I like a minimal/modern style with lots of warm colors.

Some notes/questions:

The couch is about 6'4" so if it's against any of the other walls it'll block a doorway.

I'm not a fan of the TV + stand all the way against the wall, but it's SO big. Any ideas on how to arrange that area but also minimize the visual impact of the TV?

The corner with the shelves is cluttered, one will move to the bedroom but I can't decide which to keep here. The smaller one can be wall mounted and has a third shelf at the bottom, it just isn't pictured because the hardware store was out of the little support knobs last time I went.

There's a hook directly above the chair, I'll hang a plant there. I'd like to fill in the rest of the blank wall space around the room as well, just not sure how! My boyfriend has an acoustic guitar with a wall mount and I'd like to hang my ukulele, but not sure the best place for those either.

I'd like to add an area rug for color, but I can't figure out what size to look for! Something that fits the whole room, or just the side with the TV stand and couch? Maybe a big one there and a little one next to the window seat?

Looking forward to LITERALLY any ideas, thanks y'all!

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