Help with the finishing touches for this green bathroom?

Help with the finishing touches for this green bathroom?
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Pictures of bathroom.

We originally were planning to use pine board to make a mirror frame and pine board to make a ladder shelf for over the toilet storage, then staining the pine to match the vanity. Now, our contractor screwed us over too many times (drunk/high on the job etc) so we booted him before he could make the wooden mirror frame, and with the bidet, the legs of the planned ladder shelf won't fit. We're reevaluating options for the mirror and whatever we think should go above the toilet.

The lights are Phillips Hue and adjust their temperature with the time of day (cooler/bluer/brighter on the middle of the afternoon, warmer/oranger/dimmer in the evenings/night). The walls are a perfect "dark leaf" green and really change with the light. The "pine tree" shower curtain is temporary until we find something better (suggestions are welcome). The theme is "forest walk" or something similar, with the living green walls, the dark stone floor, and a neutral gray wall opposite the vanity to keep it light in there. The waterfall faucet fits the theme too, and is oil rubbed bronze along with the other accessories.

What should we do for a mirror and for over the toilet? We could go with a simple frameless mirror (maybe with a small beveled edge to look a little more modern) and a little painting hung on the wall, or we could go with floating natural edged pine board shelves and pine framed mirror (that we'd have to find as we lack woodworking tools). Thoughts and ideas are welcome!

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