help me with the layout of my small european apartment

help me with the layout of my small european apartment
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Hey, I have recently moved into a new apartment and I am looking for some help with the layout of the bedroom areas. Right now they are really unbalanced but I can't seem to figure out anything to improve the situation.

I'm hoping someone here might have some more experience or inspiration!

I'm willing to invest some money in this to knock down walls/rearrange/add rooms but would ideally like to keep the inner hall and bathroom as it is now (it's newly renovated so would be a real waste).

There is also an old original "serving cupboard" in the entrance area which I'd keep in place if it is possible to do so.

I realise that's a bit limiting as an obvious solution for me is to knock through and use that as entrance to the master bedroom.

Personally, I have no issue removing the serving cupboard, but my other half really loves it and our broker recommended to definitely keep it. It is generally a very desirable feature for buyers as fewer and fewer remain in place in the city's original turn of the century apartments. However, I am still open to looking at options if I can prove its worth it to add value and improve the layout substantially. Floor space is a premium, valued at about 12,000 euro/m2 so every little bit counts!

I would love to find space for a washing machine somewhere in the apartment but it wont fit in the bedroom closet and it would be very difficult to get drainage from there without major damage to the new shower area.

Thank you so much if you can help with some ideas!

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