Help me redesign my living room.

Help me redesign my living room.
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Hey! I appreciate the advice of random strangers! I like the way my living room is set up, but I want to make it better!

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" This is what my living room looks like. The space in the top left is the kitchen.

I use my living room to play video games (that's where the router is and I want a wired connection), watch TV (got a deal on an old 76" TV for $250), and have friends over to play video games, watch movies, or board games.

Problems I have:

1) We like to play board games a lot, but it isn't really designed to have people sitting in a rectangle or a circle.

2) If we are watching movies, the couch in the back is too short for anyone to actually use.

3) The bottom left section is really just there and not being used.

4) The top right section with the table and chairs is just there and not really being used.

Solutions: ???

I'm thinking about getting an ottoman. That should help with seating a little.

I'm thinking about getting modular seating. I'm thinking about filling the bottom left section with a window seat or a hanging egg chair.

Other expenses Will replace chandelier above the couches with a ceiling fan. I will probably buy one of those transforming coffee tables that turns into a dining table.

Budget: $2,000-free. I'm down to buy something if it will really help with the flow, but if there is something that I can do for free, then I'm down for that.

I value function over form. I like hosting my friends. I'm not trying to turn my house into a work of art, but that being said, I appreciate beauty just like anyone else. If there is something that I can do that will make it look better, I'm all ears. "

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