Help me design my living room. I know it’s hideous, but I’m pretty attached to the couch.

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I could really use a hand figuring out what to do with my living room.

Living room floor plan

View from the back hallway

View from the front door

From the dining room

From the kitchen

From the sofa

From the patio

Location: Florida

Living room dimensions: 15'4" x 13'4".

Other details: the ceilings are around 9 or 10 ft. There is no overhead lighting, but there is a ceiling fan. No windows other than the sliding patio door.

I'm budgeting out $600 to redo it. I think I'd like an airy, beachy feel for the living room, but I'm open to anything that isn't too dark or heavy. I know the Pepto pink sofa is just terrible, but I'm not quite ready to get rid of it yet. I'm not sure what my style is, but in general I have sort of a hippie/eclectic thing going on.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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