Help Choosing a Style for my Study

Help Choosing a Style for my Study
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Hello everyone, due to unfortunate circumstances I have recently moved back in with my parents into my old room. Now it looks like I'll be here for a while, I'd like to finally make the place look nice. The problem I've had is choosing an overarching style. At the moment, it looks like my room has been done 'one piece at a time' in the style of Johnny Cash! Here's how it looks. I've literally just installed the desk again, so the rest of the room is still a total mess, I apologise.

Here's a general panorama to put everything in perspective:

Immidiately as you come through the door, you see the desk, big and white. I have my computer on it, and use as a kind of electronics lab. It's quite sterile and science-looking. Behind my desk I have some more antique-looking stuff, maps, some ancient greek repro stuff, and a wonderful canvas of the battle of Wolf 359 re-imagined with 17th Century ships! Not exactly classy, but quite me. Says a lot.

Further along I have another pine desk that is currently covered in junk, but I used to have it set up with an art-deco vibe. With the old-school flip calendar, a typewriter and my server underneath. I have a hammock that spans the room here, and sometimes I will watch films in it on the monitor. The corner unit sits between the two desks typically. I generally use this desk when I want to work without distractions of a computer.

On the back wall I have some sci-fi art things I made to go there, with a nebula painting someone made for me which I rather like. The lighting is awful but I generally like this wall. The brick-effect wallpaper is kinda naff, but looks better than a painted wall IMO.

On the right wall I have some shelves I built full of stuff I collect and sentimental bits, I need to clear some of it out I think. There's typically nothing on the floor.

And right by the door is a shitfest. Lots of junk currently. I have a hook rack I made on the door, plastic drawers which need to go, and a spirit shelf I made which isn't so bad.

My computer is built in at TJ-07 case I heavily modded. It's quite retro looking, I kinda had old British sports cars like the Austin Spitfire in mind when I did it, lots of curves, shiny red, and chrome. Somewhat juvenile I admit, but I like it.

All-in-all, I think I could go for an old-school study vibe with the pine desk, display shelves and old collectables. The only thing I don't know how to figure out is the desk area, because it looks too modern. I was thinking of making a wooden table-top built onto the original frame, but I still don't think that really works with all the monitors, computer, screwdrivers, electronics, etc.

I was thinking of making some new drawers to replace the plastic ones, I made a set of beside tables and chest of drawers recently and could use a similar design. Excuse the awful lighting, the colours are actually a deep navy blue and mustard, not these horrible bright colours the pictures show. I could do a similar design but with a few extra drawers and a darker stained exterior.

I think I need to repaint, well, everything. I was thinking of doing something like a navy blue on the desk wall, then perhaps something a bit cozier than white for the rest of them. The lighting needs fixing, I was going to go full basic and get some edison bulbs.

Typing this all out has given be some thoughts, but I'd like to know what you think, especially as to how to get it to work with the desk. One thing's for sure, before anything new comes in, I need a good clearout!

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