Help arranging a living room

Help arranging a living room
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Hi, I'm moving into a new house, and I'm not really sure what to do with my living room. Mainly I don't know what to do with the TV. It seems like my options are to either put it into the corner where the previous owner had it or put it above the fireplace. Neither of those seem ideal as the corner makes it hard to angle a couch at it, and above the fireplace seems too high. Right now I have a blank slate to work with, other than my ~36" TV.

I'm mostly concerned with how to lay it out, but if you want to take a crack at the actual pieces, my total budget is around $4000 for a couch, coffee table, end tables, entertainment center. I lean a little modern in design style, but I'm afraid that might clash a bit with the Tudor revival style of the house.

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