Heading to IKEA this weekend and I could use some help

Heading to IKEA this weekend and I could use some help

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US, room is 16'x12' (couch and tv on long walls), looking to spend about $2,500. I prefer to stick to the minimalist side of things but not in the extreme and I prefer dark furniture.

I'm looking at the couch pictured at the bottom for size and layout, but I'm open on the color. I'm also looking for a coffee table, rug, and a shelf/table/tv stand for under the tv. I'm also open to new curtains and in the process of finding a new tv. The current couch will be moving to the basement.

Room is poorly lit, so here are the wall colors: tan (Behr S240-4) and red (Behr S-H-130). The last side is mostly open.







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