Have big items. Need help with decor.

Have big items. Need help with decor.
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So my husband and I spent some major time and money picking out our couch, dining room table/chairs, and media console. It kind of felt like therapy sitting with the designer at the furniture store!

I've always struggled with decor though – rugs, walls, lights. So I'm reaching out to you guys.

Pictures are here

We want modern/contemporary.

We bought the current 8×10 rug a while back, but its so difficult to clean. So it's time for a new one.

I plan on buying pillows and a blanket from Woven Nook. Those will be black, white, and possibly leather.

We've got this coffee table on order from Pottery Barn.

I'm looking for recommendations on rug in living room. And should I put one under the dining room table? Also, any recommendations for wall above the food truck between couch and dining room table? And curtains are on the list of things to get too. Any other thoughts??

We're open to color for the rug…but don't want something to take away or clash with the media console.

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