Furniture layout for a basement that’s also the front door?

Furniture layout for a basement that’s also the front door?
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I recently moved to a new house, and I've been struggling with this basement-ish area, which also happens to be the front door to the house. Weird layout, right? I like it since it's different!

The rest of the house (the other/main floor where the stairs go) came together just fine and I'm really happy with the current state. It's just that I've run out of ideas when it comes to this oddly-shaped basement-ish area.

The back corner nook behind the stairs, in my mind, might be a nice little bar area (although there are no outlets), but is that weird to have right when you walk in the front door?

Similarly, if I turn this into a casual basement-ish living/family area with a big ol' sofa or sectional and TV, is that a weird thing to walk into?

The stone wall is a giant chimney the previous owners spent a lot of money to install. There's a fireplace on the main floor above.

I'd really appreciate any general ideas as to what to do with this room or where furniture might go because it has me feeling stuck. Thank you!

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