Decorating around a purple/plum carpet?

Decorating around a purple/plum carpet?
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Pics here! The furniture belongs to the old tenant, but I bought her desk pictured in the 2nd pic, that's the only furniture that will stay.

I'll be moving into this place in August, it's the first time I'm living on my own aside from 2 short years in a dorm room.

The room has two large windows, but I'm thinking not to have curtains or anything so I can allow more light in.

I mainly want color advice! The walls are a creamy ivory color, far from a clean white. I'm thinking some yellows and oranges with white to break up too much color.

I also have a bird cage that's green and white for my cockatiel. I can't change the cage or paint it because he's a rescue and too attached to that old cage of his, believe me, I've tried. I'm planning on getting a tapestry and putting it by his cage to help soundproof him if he screams on the off chance, and it's going to be in the far corner pictured above.

Any advice/decorating tips?

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