Closet Room

Closet Room

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Hello! I think this is an awesome sub!! I love looking through everyone’s before/afters. I am hoping yall can help me. I am looking for ways to make this room flow better..I know it’s messy..It’s about 12×9 feet; I think it was previously used as an office or nursery, but to us its best use is for clothes and shoes. This is a small ranch style house in the southeast USA.

My parents gave me all the furniture in the room. The dresser/hutch and the corner desk are Eythan Allen, and I would like to keep them, maybe update the drawer pulls?

The nightstand thing by the window can go, if I have enough other storage space.

The cardboard box in the corner houses the cat’s litterbox. It has to stay in this room, but I would love a better looking litterbox solution.

I also need ideas for shoes..none of the closets in the house are really ideal for shoes, as they are all small.

My budget is several hundred dollars! Let me know what you guys think!

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