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Shabby Stylish Bedroom Home furniture – 3 Parts of White Shabby Stylish Furniture to Change Your Bed room

The enjoyable and intimate tone of the shabby stylish style makes it a well-known decision for bedrooms, immediately after all shabby chic bedroom home furnishings is all about non fussy elegance. White shabby chic furnishings is usually the most effective preference for the bedroom and the over-all seem should be effortless and not contrived. Do […]

Bedroom Revamp NEED HELP!

Newly single and redesigning my bedroom. NYC and mid 30s. Budget $250-$2k

New paint job and new outlets on the way. Replacing dresser, getting headboard, what about artwork, lights? Should I keep this rug / put the rug on other side of bed? Stay with the Gray-ish color theme like the sheets? Other sheets I own are Navy.

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Decorating the Bedroom With Mirrored Furnishings

When choosing home furniture for a bedroom, you must undoubtedly discover the quite a few parts of mirrored furniture offered. A piece of household furniture with a mirrored entrance can visually expand the visual appearance of any dimension bedroom. Daylight reflecting on a mirror brightens a area. And, by together with some candles in your […]

Would appreciate help making this room feel more complete! Going for a light/airy look, but still homey and a bit rustic.

Hello all! First time posting, and I am SO excited to have found y'all!

I would love some help decorating/re-decorating my living room. I have an apartment in the US, and I'm struggling to make it look light and airy but still rustic and homey. Like a nice mountain home that's airy and grounded at the same time, if that makes sense? As you can sort of see in the pics, a lot of my furniture is dark brown leather and grey or brown wood, and my floors are medium color brown wood as well. I also have a wood sign hung up on one wall, and the rug I have in there currently is beige, brown, and accents of red. The walls are a really light lemon color, close to white but with just a touch of yellow, and the ceiling and trim around the windows and doors is white.

Here are the ideas I've had so far. I've been considering getting a different colored rug, and perhaps some drapes, but I'm struggling to think of an appropriate color palette. Not sure if the rug I currently have fits the theme I'm going for or not. For drapes, I was thinking a cream/off-white color, and I've no idea what to pick for the rug. In addition, I'm planning to add two large plants with white pots, to go where the Christmas tree is in the photos. On either side of the pots will be two floor lamps. I really would like to purchase two brass bridge arm 1920s Art Deco floor lamps.

Any and all suggestions/things to keep the same/things to change would be SO greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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Next step in renovation: dark or bright kitchen floor tiles?

So now that I've decided a final-ish design on the entry area (thanks for the help) the current new roadblock is deciding the floor tiles for the kitchen area.

We've already ordered a beautiful kitchen furniture (one side only for a few months due to budget limits), and I cannot really decide if a dark or a bright floor tile would fit it better. The area is well lit, and I usually gravitate towards bright floors in kitchens, but I've seen a really gorgeous dark brown tile and it got me thinking that maybe, due to the fact that the majority of the furniture is vanilla white colored, a darker floor would actually contrast it well.

Suggestions are extremely welcome.

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A Basic Information to Shopping for Bed room Household furniture Sets

Shopping for bedroom furnishings can be a tiny overwhelming when you&#39re faced with so many solutions to opt for from. Even after selecting to invest in the most evident piece of home furniture, the mattress, you will be faced with all types of things to contemplate such as what sort of bed do you want, […]

General question: What’s a good way to organize plushes?

I'm trying to think up of ways to organize my plushies (ouch, no good way to say that as an adult) that I've collected since I was a child. Most of them were given to me by my aunt who moved to another country so I don't want to get rid of them. I also don't want to just leave them on my bed cause it's just not practical to have to do it every day after I wake up. I could put them on a shelf but I don't know what kind or if there is a better alternative that won't look cluttered?

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