Any suggestions in choosing a desk would be great!

Any suggestions in choosing a desk would be great!
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I have a room with white marble flooring. The walls have been painted on one side with Space Grey and other three with warm White.

What should the colours of my new desk be? I use it for my computer as a productivity desk. My bed (frame), curtains, office chair are currently all black.

My computer, speakers, monitor are also all black.

My options are for a desk are: 1) White Linnmon with white/black Alex Drawers. 2) Black Linnmon with white/black Alex Drawers. 3) Gerton table top with white Alex Drawers.

I’m also planning to add golden led lights to by CPU, install yellow tungsten or incandescent lights in my room.

I’m not good with interior design. My worry is if I take white Linnmon desk, it might not look different from the floor or ceiling which are white. But if I take black, the room might look too black. If I take Gerton table top then would white Alex Drawers look odd on already white floors?

Also I can paint my doors. Which colour would look good on the doors?

All suggestions are welcome. Please guide.

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