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Very best Bed room Furnishing Strategies For Fashionable Homes

Bed room furnishing is an critical concern for all inhabitants. They commit most of their leisure time at their bedroom sleeping or relaxing from a tiring day. Therefore the bedroom furnishing becomes additional important as folks shell out a lot of their time in their bedrooms. Today, modern day home furnishings manufacturers comprehend the significance […]

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Redesign house completely, especially small kitchen (53 square feet)

Hi, I'm 18 and I live in Italy, I'm going to move alone (with the help of my dad) in a flat of 523 square feet/49 square meters. I need help to design all the rooms, especially the kitchen (I'm very unsure on how and where to place appliances).

I'm going to have the bathroom redone (plumbing is 60 years old I think); I'm going to remove a wall that modifies the bathroom to make the bathtub fit (it was also built crooked); the floor tiles in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom will be covered with vinyl flooring.

My budget for the entire house renovation is 4000€ (including all the things mentioned above, paint, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, etc)

I can reuse some furniture that I already have, including this loft bed from ikea. (should I mention all the furniture I can reuse?)

I would really like the design to be minimalist.

This is part of the plan (kitchen and bathroom) as it is now:

This is the floor plan (after wall removal/rebuild):


Here are all the photos, detailed measurements and ideas/requests I have!

(photos of the kitchen and bathroom are pre-wall removal, will post updates if you want!)

Floor plan and detailed measurements



It seems that there's not many ways to place the bathroom fixtures, my current plan is this:

The bathroom door is not indicated on the plan because by rebuilding the walls we'll have to replace it (maybe with a sliding door)

The wall was built that way (as it is in the first image of the post) to make the bathtub fit. I don't need one, so I'm restoring the wall as it was originally, giving also more space to the kitchen.


PicturesI think I'll need just two stovetops, I'm not sure if I want an oven or not. I'm not planning to keep tons of plates or glasses, so I don't need too many cabinets or similiar.

Room 1:


This room is warmer than room 2 and it's where I plan to keep the bedroom. (bed and closet, a bookshelf? I certainly need one, any place is good)

Room 2 and puzzle:


This room is very well lit and here I plan to have my pc setup, a tv with a couch, a place (like a table) to draw and do art-related things (I go to art school).

I was thinking about hanging a jigsaw puzzle of Escher's Metamorphosis II somewhere, it's almost 4 meters long, it fits on two walls in room 2 and one wall in room 1. Do you think it's a good idea?

Hallway and entrance:


Thank you very much if you're thinking about helping me!

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The Fantastic Luxury Bed room Furniture

Regardless of whether you can find the money for it or not, it is often wonderful to search at luxury stuff. With bedrooms is no distinct. You can truly buy some substantial class luxurious bed room home furnishings collections. You may possibly assume what would be the excellent luxury furnishings. How is it distinctive from […]

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Need help deciding which walls to paint with which color in open floorplan townhome

My boyfriend and I have already picked the colors we’d like to use for the main floor and upstairs, but struggling to decide which walls to paint which color. It’s a very open floor plan and makes color transitioning difficult. I’ve included pictures of the upstairs floorplan, pictures of walls, colors we’ve chosen, and inspiration picture we found on Pinterest. Haha.

Main question is, what color do we paint the walls in the open L shaped stairway? The green walls in picture #3 and the half wall in #4. Should they be Repose gray? Please help! Thanks in advance!

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Room size versus small nightstands advice needed

I would like to purchase the following bed for a 14ft wide room. the bed is 80 inches and leaves ~45 inches on each side.

Worried about if the nitestands are too slim for the space especially as they will be under the windows on each side. (they are 16-17 inches wide vs the 45 inches)

I am contemplating buying the rest of the furniture from that set.

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