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Help Me With This 90’s Manufactured Home Bathroom

I need a color combination that will go well with the pergo that I have available. I put down a few slats to get a better visual and I'm driving myself nuts finding a color trio for this room. This is a Florida home however this bathroom is cursed with one small window facing the wrong way, so the soon-to-be installed wainscoting, baseboard, chair rail and crowning are going to be painted the whitest of whites to help brighten things up.

The tub was recently spray-enameled white and I'm installing a white vessel sink inside of an old mahogany floor-standing stereo cabinet (also painted white). A new cotton white TOTO toilet is being installed. My vessel faucet is chrome and I plan to have the remaining fixtures (shower rod, hooks, rings etc) in chrome as well.

It's a manufactured home, so I'm pulling the ugly "sticks" off the walls, filling them in and scraping the popcorn off the ceiling. The ceiling in this room is pitched and the bathroom is very narrow and long.

So with that all out of the way, I have white trim and these pergo floors that need to go well with a wall color and a ceiling color. I was recommended a coastal theme with two neutral grayish colors (one very gray, one with a very, very small hint of blue/green to it) from one of those "ask a decorator" websites that was running a free question promo. I thought it seemed sort of bland and of course the example photo had decorations and fixtures I never in my life could afford.

Thank you all!

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Firing Up Your Bed room Design With an Electrical Fire

Integrating an electric powered fire when redecorating a bed room is a great way to incorporate a new really feel to your location of slumber and peace. Not only does it include the mesmerizing outcome of carefully dancing flames, but it also provides a supplemental warmth source that will keep you warm through the colder […]

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Bed room Decorating Guidelines – Effortless But Stunning Concepts For Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is normally considered as a sanctuary, a personalized gateway that displays your favored assortment, color and thoughts. From time to time it normally takes couple of basic concepts to get your creativeness flowing. Many enthusiastic and younger men and women want to study bed room decorating ideas. Some primary rules to try to […]

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Positive aspects Of Fitted Bed room Home furniture Models That Are Value To Know

Lately, bespoke designs are getting more than freestanding home furnishings in the industry. People are going soon after very well-made and elegant bespoke home furniture no matter whether it be a kitchen or a toilet or a residing place or a bedroom. Freestanding counterpart has been executing its function truly properly from the working day […]

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Help me find a comforter set for my friend please

Hello, this might be the wrong sub, please let let know if there is a better one. My friend recently got his first apartment and he got a bedroom set. You can see the bed. He got a dresser and long chest drawer thing. All the same color. That all he has. I know he I wanted a new comforter set because he asked if it was worth getting a new one, low in funds etc. I told him it wasn't worth it right now, maybe later on. So for Christmas I want to get him a new one. There are no decorations and he has no theme or color scheme so I'm just looking for something nice, masculine. I dont know how to choose or combine with that bed color. Thank you so much.

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