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Mid Century Modern bedroom

My fiance and I are trying to redesign our bedroom after finally getting rid of old hand me down furniture. Our first step was to get mcm collection furniture from West elm along with this bed:

We are trying to figure out what to paint the walls – to go with that bed and we aren't sure how to develop a proper color scheme after looking a bunch up online. Part of the problem is that all of the walls and the ceiling are a bland tan color.

We are planning to replace the current stuff on the walls with some actual art, and add in different bed side lamps.

What should we paint the room? What other additives would help make this a pleasant and enjoyable mcm-ish space?

Any help is absolutely appreciated!

current bedroom images

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Wall and floor color/treatment ideas for living room?

Working on this room little by little, it needs quite a bit of work. I'd love to hear your suggestions about wall color and/or floor treatment. Tried a few options but nothing is resonating. Leaning towards green and blue but not sure how to execute. I'd love to be bold with color, pattern, and texture. This is the first room you enter so I envision the room as very inviting. A place where people would love to hang out.

Any other suggestions are welcome!

Measurements: 15'(sofa on one wall; bookcase on other) x 16'(windows on one wall; table on other)

Windows are about 6' in length and about 3' in width

Location: Sacramento, CA

Living room Pinterest inspiration:

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Help! Awkward living room layout (and a remodel)

Forgive the clutter, our one year old is starting to walk and we're arranging things. Plus were tearing out our wall in the kitchen to make a more open dining and living room. The existing credenza is a diy I never finished.

We plan to build a banquet into the corner where the table is now. The door will be relplaced with a barn door so it won't swing inwards.

Would love your thoughts on laying out this space. I struggle with furniture placement and layout. Especially in the entry

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